MLH Official - Spring 2016

In order to be eligible for reimbursement, follow the steps below.


Step 0: Make Sure you Meet the Criteria

We are only reimbursing hackers that are coming from outside of London on a coach, train or flight only. We are not reimbursing for mini-cab/taxi/Uber trips!

Also, note that we are only reimbursing up to £15 of travel costs.

Step 1: Create a PayPal Account

This is because we will only be reimbursing for travel via PayPal. If you already have one, skip this step!

Step 2: Complete the Application Form

If you have a HackLondon ticket, you will be getting an email reminder through Eventbrite with the travel reimbursement form for you to apply. You must fill out the form before the event in order to be reimbursed. The form will be closed at the start of the event, so don't forget!

Step 3: Print Your Receipts

If you are buying tickets online, please bring printed email/PDF receipts. We have every right to refuse reimbursement if we consider the proof you provide to be insufficient. If you have a printed ticket, print an extra copy! It'll speed up the process for both of us.

Step 4: Come to HackLondon

Whether it's by train, coach or plane, have a safe trip! Take a selfie on your way and share with #HackLondon!

Step 5: Find the Travel Booth

At the event, we'll be having a reimbursement-booth for people to come to with their original travel receipts. We'll check your tickets/receipts, take down your details and send you back to your hack!

Step 6: Wait for the Reimbursement

There are no guarantees as to exactly when you'll be reimbursed, but we aim to have reimbursed you within three weeks of the event! (Hopefully sooner though!)

Why are you reimbursing travel instead of paying for coaches?

We think coaches are awesome because it adds a lot to the whole experience, but we'd like to provide an equal opportunity to everyone since there are hackers from so many different cities and countries that want to join us at HackLondon.