HackLondon 2016

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We thought we’d put together a few helpful links, so if it’s your first time at a hackathon, you’re new to programming, or you just fancy learning something new then definitely check these out.

Github Student Developer Pack


This is the ultimate jackpot. This pack includes a list of epic things, all for free, which in total gives you a few thousand pounds of credit, perks, discounts and more:

  • Atom, the epic text editor.
  • One free year of Bitnami, which installs cloud applications with a click.
  • $50 of hosting on Digital Ocean, which is enough for 10 months of a virtual private server, installed at a region of your choice with an OS of your choice.
  • The Bronze plan on DNSimple for two full years, which usually costs £20 a year.
  • Five private repos on Github plus other perks of a Micro Account, which usually costs around £50 a year.
  • 15,000 emails to send a month using SendGrid instead of the usual limit of 200, only for students. Perfect for newsletters of notifications.
  • Fees waived for the first $1000 you make using Stripe, an epic payment platform that's easy to integrate and use.
  • Unreal Engine 4 for free, while you're a student.

Free Programming Books


A huge repository filled with free guides on just about any language, and a bunch of language-agnostic stuff such as machine learning, algorithms and data structures.

Learn Python & Flask


Considering building a backend in Python? This is a great place to start using the framework, Flask. Once you're done or you feel ready, you can even build a RESTful API using Flask.

Learn Node.js


Okay, maybe you want to learn how to program in "The Only Real Dev Language"? Here's a couple of good resources for learning how to code in Node.js and how to build a RESTful API using that. Example code for getting Node.js to work with Parse, courtesy of Phil Efstathiou.

Things You Need To Know


A great resource to refer to throughout the day, this video covers important things every programmer should know and practices you should use when dealing with your final year project. Courtesy of one of HackLondon's judges, Dr. Andrew Coles.


Slack & @hacklondonbot
We have a Slack set up for the event so that everyone can have a good natter with attendees, message a sponsor about their challenge, or message a volunteer / organiser if you have any issues. If you haven’t gotten an invite, check the email you registered your ticket with. If you don't find it, grab a volunteer and we’ll help you out!

We’ve also set up @hacklondonbot (courtesy of @wilhelm) to answer some FAQ’s for you, so here’s a list of keywords / phrases it’ll respond to, and what those commands do. Note that @hacklondonbot actually understands full sentences, so feel free to ask it complete questions!

  • code of conduct: Returns the MLH Code of Conduct.
  • devpost: Returns the Devpost link where you can submit your hack.
  • emergency: Returns instructions of what to do in an emergency.
  • hardware: Returns the hardware that MLH bought.
  • help: Returns a list of commands you can use.
  • internet: Returns insturctions of how to connect to the WiFi.
  • judging: Returns how judging will work.
  • map: Returns a map of the venue.
  • organisers: Returns a list of the main organizers.
  • schedule: Returns the event schedule
  • sponsors: Returns the list of HackLondon 2016 sponsors.


Look for KP or tag @kp on the Slack.

Sponsors & Partners

Major League Hacking

Major League Hacking is the official student hackathon league, supporting student hackathons worldwide. They bring the hardware lab, an MLH rep and so much more to make sure that our event goes well!


BlackRock, the world's largest investment management company, has rapidly grown from an entrepreneurial start-up by putting technology and engineering innovation at the heart of it's business. For more details, check out their engineering blog: RockTheCode.io


Capital One is reimagining the way millions of people interact with money. Our team of marketers, product managers, designers, engineers and data scientists help more people succeed with credit. Interested in working on more that just a portion of an app, how about the whole thing? Join us in changing an industry in need of change. Check out http://www.capitalonecareers.co.uk/graduates

J.P. Morgan

We’ve been offering first-class global financial services, and continually reinventing the industry for a while now. Today, as the industry leader in many of the markets where we operate, we’re still using fresh and original thinking to meet our clients’ needs. We work with leading corporations, governments and individuals in over 50 countries and manage a total of US $2.4 trillion in assets.


Create interactive, realtime apps in minutes instead of days with Pusher’s hosted API. It’s secure, it scales from 1 to millions of connections instantly and you won’t need to set up or maintain your own infrastructure. Ever. Finally, it integrates with your technology stack of choice. So you’re in complete control.


Details will be up shortly.


Details will be up shortly.

Goldman Sachs

Details will be up shortly.


Bloomberg Engineers work on some of the most fascinating — and influential — technical challenges in business and finance. We’re looking for top developers with a passion to design, build and deploy solutions that have a real impact on financial markets worldwide. Our teams of tech experts solve unique, complex problems on a daily basis and we need dynamic engineers who can thrive in a fast-paced, creative environment. http://www.bloomberg.com/careers/technology


Details will be up shortly.


Chirp is a "sonic barcode" to transfer information. For small pieces of data, no network connection is required. It is a tiny snippet of audio which we use to send a small amount of data, such as a web link. Any device with a speaker can emit a chirp, and almost any mobile device can decode it. It's designed for the many cases where it would be inconvenient or impossible to use existing network technologies. http://www.chirp.io


hackajob is an online community that helps match tech talent with relevant opportunities from exciting employers. Users in our community then apply to these roles by completing short job-specific challenges called ‘hacks,’ in a fun and engaging process which visibly demonstrates your skills, and shows your interest in the job you’re applying to. Details for our challenge will be available here:


Millions of people cross each other every day - just imagine what you could do if you had access to proximity events in real time? With p2pkit.io you can build apps that continuously understand their proximity to nearby devices & users, use it to discover neaby devices, range and exchange information with them in real time and across platforms, all through a dead-simple API. Get inspired: http://p2pkit.io/.